About Me

Hello, how are you?
So you've stumbled across my little blog have you? First things first i'm Amy (Amykins, Little A), 24 from Winsford, Cheshire Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire. I created this blog as an outlet for the inner workings of my mind, it can get a bit crazy up in here you see.
You can follow my life and see it through my eyes, all that other mumbo jumbo  - I can't promise you the ride will be fun but what I can promise you is this, i'll be me, 100%, no need for fakery (well apart from the hair colour, but that's a girls perrogative right?) me.
I'm not your standard girlie girl, I like my makeup, I like experimenting with different styles but you won't find me down the local tanning salon, i'm not into the whole tanned look - pale and pasty is the new tan, didn't you hear? Suprisingly I am an American Football an and my team are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there is nothing quite like watching your team play in a huge stadium - the atmosphere is electric!  I like fashion and I LOVE my designers but i'm no skinny minnie, I am what people consider 'plus size'.
I like to be creative - this takes many forms such as drawing, upcycling, sewing or scrapbooking, I am just a little old lady at heart.
I am at my happiest when I am at home, baking with my metal music playing surrounded my family and cats (told you I was an old lady)
That's enough about me for now, if you need/want to know more then there is always the lovely contact me section or better still - keep reading, the best as they say is yet to come