Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My love for Edinburgh: A decent proposal

You know when you meet the one, time stops - people around you slow down and nothing else matters. You can feel the pulse in the air and it's electric... or so they say. I wouldn't know about that - I can't say I've ever had the love at first sight moment AND I can say I never will.

This isn't a love story post, it's a post about my love of Edinburgh, a city full of magical history, beautiful architecture and some of the loveliest people you'll encounter.
I won't bore you with the details of my holidays there - all except for one.

This day was just like any other day - we woke up, we visited the city and saw the sights and walked ALOT. We returned to the hotel and this is where the story becomes different to other visits. The evening it self wasn't anything special - just the event that unfolded was.

When you're a little girl, or just when you're younger in general - we all think about what it would be like to get married, what type of wedding you'd like - what would your husband look like, you catch my drift. We all think about that perfect moment, the moment that special person asks you the biggest question you'll ever answer, those four words " Will you marry me?" Will it be a grand gesture, will it be in front of family and friends? or will it be just the two of you in a hotel room; in a city that means a lot to the pair of you?
I can say mine was the latter - no grand gestures, no public declaration of love, just the two of us in a hotel room in a city we both love. To me it was perfect, it was special, it meant something and of course I said yes.


  1. Congratulations! !! What a beautiful ring too, just my style x

  2. Thank you!!! It's exactly the type I wanted!!! xx