Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shopcade - Your Own Personal Shopper*

We all love shopping on some level - even more of us love a good bargain right? Imagine combining the two, but wait there is more - what if you could shop, get bargains AND not even have to leave the comfort of your own home? Sounds too good to be true right - wrong, the lovely people at Shopcade offer just that.

Shopcade combine the users love of shopping with sharing, an ever open world of discovery when it comes to new items.

The concept of this personal shopping site is the user can create lists, these lists can then be built up by adding items - these can be items you want to buy or just simple lust after. Anything that is added to a list can then be shared with your followers - helping to show case items to a much wider audience.
It may sound similar to that of Pintrest - but Shopcade has an added extra, Shopcade can offer discounts - offering these items you love or actually want. None of those e-mails telling you about a half price fishing trip only your pops wants to go on.

Shopcade will also pick out up and coming items you may like based on items you have previously bought; or the items you have added to your lists, you never know - you could find those killer heels you've been searching for!

A little back ground history, the website was founded back in November 2011 and is the baby of  Nathalie Gaveau, Marie-Barbe Girad, Hoon Kim and Evan Adleman.

The website can be used for exclusive discounts and sharing your lists with friends and family- however, there is more (as if we haven't been giving enough - oh we are spoilt!) actions earn points, points earn perks and these points and perks unlock missions. The more points the better the missions, the better the mission the better the perk - simple!

You can sign up here.

Currently one of the missions running is a sweepstake to win £150 to spend over on ASOS, getting signing up and complete the missions to be in for your chance to win!

Have you ever used Shopcade? Would you recommend it? What experiences have you had?

*this is in collaboration