Thursday, 12 September 2013

MUA MakeUp Haul: MUA Makeup Review

So feast your eyes over these beauties, these are from my recent MUA makeup haul. I will include a mini MUA Makeup  review where needed.  I don't think anything cost me more than £3.50 (who doesn't love a bargain) I've included swatches, links and prices for anyone who has the urge to purchase these for themselves. 

(From Left to Right - MUA double volume false eyelashes 'Siren', MUA Fashionista Big Impact volume mascara 'Ultra Black', Fashionista Maxi-moisture Lipstick 'Style Transformation', Fashionista Double Take Lipstick 'Red Carpet', Fashionista Diamond Rocks 'Black Pearl', Fashionista Diamond Rocks 'Girls Best Friend', Fashionista Eyebrow Kit, MUA Blusher 'Marshmallow', MUA Blusher 'Lolly'.)

False Lashes:

MUA -'Siren' Double Volume Lashes:

(Glue included - not sure of the quality as i've yet to use these) 

These lovely little lashes were a steal @ £1.00 a piece, in the sale currently which is located here, ok there wasn't a huge saving on these as they were half price, but still a saving is a saving. I will most likely add to this post of review them separately once I have used them. I've included a few more snaps, just so you can see how they look close up etc. 


(Look at the curl on these! They are definitely thick/double volume) 


Fashionista Maxi Big Lash Impact 'Ultra Black' Volume Mascara:

Again, this product was in the sale @ £1.50, unlike the lashes this was a much bigger saving having originally retailed @ £8.00 - I saved my self a tidy sum of £6.50 (music to my ears) as previously blogged about here, you will see what I think about this little gem. This mascara hasn't got one of those fancy little brushes with different shaped bristles, or one that rotates as you shimmy, it's your standard wand (see below) sometimes this is all you need - yes so maybe it's not going to give the best results but for the price can you really whinge, I mean you get what you pay for right? 

 Just so you can see I swatched the mascara on my hand - it really is one of the blackest mascaras  currently own (trust me there are a lot of them) 

(Excuse the wolf like hands - close ups are not my strong point)


Fashionista Maxi-Moisture 'Style Transformation' Lipstick:

Fashionista Double Take 'Red Carpet' Lipstick:

(Left to Right 'Red Carpet, Style Transformation)

I'm not going to lie, I don't wear a lot of lipstick -I mean I buy a few here and there if the colour is nice, but wearing them no so much. I mean I'm working on changing this as I own far too many just to let them sit then and dry out. Usually I buy the not so cheap brands, I like expensive make -up; I prefer to splash out and buy quality and things I will use a lot then spend a few quid here and there and chuck it to the bottom of my many make up bags. However, these little cuties have changed my opinion, when recently browsing the MUA website, I couldn't not add these to my basket - at £1.50 a pop, who could resist? I mean they were both retailing for a lot higher around the £7.00 mark .

The colours are gorgeous and both lipsticks glide on like a dream. The staying power of them isn't that great granted BUT it is not the worst. I find I do have to re-apply a few times through the day if i've been eating and drinking (this is the norm I find though right? If not am I doing something wrong?) The only thing I would suggest is exfoliating your lips before hand, if you have any dry skin on them, they will pick up on this and hinder the look and application slightly. 

The red is glamorous shade of red (very vintage/old Hollywood) and when I wore it to a wedding a few weeks back - I got a lot of compliments on it.
I expected the more plumby shade to be a lot darker BUT thankfully it is not - you can still get that edgy/Gothic look but not overpoweringly so. I have found you can build up the colour on these lipsticks so if you want a more intense look - this is easily achievable.

(Left to Right 'Red Carpet', Style Transformation')


'Lolly' Blush

'Marshmallow' Blush 

(Left to Right - MUA Blusher in 'Marshmallow' and MUA Blusher in 'Lolly')

Just so you can get a better look at the colours of these blushers 

Both have a really great colour pay off and are really build-able. You can see a more in depth description of these products here. Both a total steal at £1.00 each.


Fashionista Eyebrow Kit: 

Great little product is this, it comes with 3 different shades, wax, mini tweezers and an applicator -all for an amazing price of £3.50. I mean where else would you get a product like this for that price?! 
I've seen a few reviews floating around for this product - some totally loving it others, well I'm sure you can gather. 

I on the other hand love it! I think it is a brilliant little pallette, perfect for travelling and nights out. 

The three shades look like this 

(Left to Right - Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Blonde)

I tried the dark brown - but this made me look like I had a scouse brow (i'm not into that look) I now use the middle one the medium brown, this gives a lovely coverage to my natural brows. Once you've achieved your desired brow, you can then set this with the wax. All in all a great little kit and I would recommend buying it. 

So what products do you love from MUA?