Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Slow and steady wins the race!

Dieting/weight-loss/healthy eating, however it is dressed the goal ultimately is to lose weight. I am currently on my own weight-loss journey and I'm not going to lie I struggle. Sometimes, I have excellent days and don't go outside of plan (I follow Slimming World - I feel this fits me better) others I will go of the rails. I have the determination to do it, I just don't know, feel like I'm constantly failing you know.
I know they say that it is a lifestyle change and old habits won't just disappear over night - but I'm getting disheartened at how lazy I am when it comes to cooking in the evening more so when I'm working a late shift.

My exercise currently is all but non existent, I just feel like I am letting myself and everyone else down. I know I need to pull my finger out and really focus on why I want to lose the weight. Some reasons are personal and others are just so I look and feel better in clothes.

Take tonight or example, I followed plan to a total T, then decided to ruin it all by having a Chinese and chocolate (clearly not together) now all I feel is guilty and this horrible sickly feeling at the pit of my stomach. Why is it I let myself down like this? Anyone else struggle? I've done this before and I lost 3 and a half stone in 3 months - this was when I was at uni and I had no partner, but still should a full time job and sharing my life with someone I love affect my journey this badly?
Sometimes I think I put to much pressure on myself other times I don't know what to think.

Anyone got any helpful hints or tips? I'd really appreciate it at the moment - if you have leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail on the contact me page!

Just so I'm not ending the post on a bum note - I have lost 7lbs in the last 3 weeks!
In my eyes, that's not enough!

Happy reading, sharing and weight-loss