Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sinfun Colors - A Nail Polish Review

Hello there! It's been a while, sorry for going MIA but I have been a busy little bee with work and home related borefest things. All is over and I am here today to show you the wonderful world of Sinful Colours.

This little brand entered my life on Sunday after a coffee date with some friends, casually walking through Boots (as you do) and there before me was 70 different shades of polish, how I have not come across this nail polish brand before I don't know, but they are now in my life for the foreseeable future - at £1.99 a bottle how can you say no?

The shade I a purchased is 831 "Hottie", a blue sparkly polish with glitter of various sizes running through.

I wasn't holding out much hope for the quality or coverage of this product, purely based on the price, but boy was I wrong. The coverage is excellent, with most glitter polishes you find you need to put on several layers just to get a some what decent coverage; with this baby that is a thing of the past. I found with just one coat you got an even glitter coverage.

Granted, the colour isn't the brightest but the more you build this up, the more intense the shade becomes - the same with any polish.
As I was after a darker, more vibrant colour pay off, I applied a second coat of the polish. I was pretty darn impressed with this, not just for the intensity but for how quickly it dried. 

Nail varnish isn't my friend and usually within hours (I kid you not) begins to chip and or peel off my nails, this however did none of that, this stayed but and sparkled for a good few days before it began to show the slightest chip.

I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who, like me is a nail varnish fiend! For a drug store brand the quality is brilliant, some people won't like it - but hey you can't please everyone can you?

Have any of you guys used this brand before? What's your favourite shade?

If anyone else has posted a review about this brand, i'd be interested to read this - please pop a link into the comments below and I will be sure to check it out!

A few more pictures of the finished look: