Saturday, 31 August 2013

Everyone loves a bit of D.I.Y

I'm all for a bit of D.I.Y in the craft department (I don't know what else you were thinking about - shame on you all!), if there is a chance I can use something for another use then I will. I really don't see the point in getting rid of something it can be fixed or re-used.

Take this old sock for example, it had a little hole in it and was one of a missing pair - I hear some say I could darn the hole and still use it as a sock, this is true but what is the use of one sock?

So I decided I would re-purpose this cute little sick into something else that I could use. I have always wanted one of those hair doughnuts but never really liked the look of the ones from the shops (yes, I can be a little weird sometimes), so I thought this were a perfect opportunity to craft my very own. 

It's only a little one, but I DON'T have masses of hair (sadly) so this is perfect for me. 

If you also want to be all green and make your own then just follow these simple steps, 
You'll need one sock (of your choice it can match your hair colour or not) and some scissors. 

The first thing you'll need to do is cut the toe section of the sock off, like so 

Of course with out the added cat, this nosey kitty goes by the name of Molly and she is one of two. BUT this is about D.I.Y crafting and not pets, so we shall save that for another time and post. 

Now you've got the base for your hair doughnut, the next step just involves you rolling the cut edge over itself, you'll need to repeat this step until you reach the end of the sock.
The folding process should look some what similar to this

The thickness of the fold is down to yourself and how big the sock is, the bigger the sock the fatter the doughnut will be, which means ultimately the bigger your bun shall be.

As seen previously this is what the finished article looks like

Now it's ready for styling your hair. Is anyone else a fan of home crafting and re-purposing objects? Any other useful ideas for fellow thrifters out there?