Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dress Down Friday - OOTD.

Hello again!  Welcome or welcome back in some cases,  today is a first for me - so please bare with me. If you haven't guessed it's the weekend!  For me and thousands of others it's not just any weekend,  it is BOA weekend ( Bloodstock open air for those not in the know ).  For reasons beyond my control a k.a work,  I am sadly missing this one!  So to cheer me up and to get into the festival season spirit I've decided to do this little outfit of the day post.

So,  Fridays at work are always dress down days,  we do have certain rules with what we Can and can't wear,  e.g sling backs, saddles, peep toe shoes etc so everyone tends to wear the staple jeans,  top, shoes (yes I'm guilty of it too, sometimes ) let's live a little! I actually planned my outfit the night before (a rare thing ). It was a festival inspired look,  comfty and stylish!

I dont usually do the whole posing thing so forgive me for the above!
As you can see I'm rocking the double denim (yes I went there ), some would say that is a biggg no!  I feel it works,  what is your view?  Moving aside from this possible faux par,  I'm also wearing my fringed top and cow boy boots.  This is something I would wear for any festival!

Denim shirt - 80's C&A via EBay -99p
Eagle fringe top - Simply Be - Unsure exactly around £20.00
Black skinny Jeggings -TU Clothing - £12.50
Cowboy Boots - primark - £15.00

There you have it!  I may decide to do more OOTD posts later!
What are you festival outfits?  Any festival must haves?