Thursday, 15 August 2013

Crafting crazy!

I love a bit of crafting now and again - don't we all? There is just something about getting all sticky and covered in paint making it all feel that more satisfying. So, after watching Fill you home for free, it got me thinking about the things in my house that I could revive and up-cycle. My inspiration takes the form of the below shelfing unit.

My other half has had the above for far too long, and it was looking a bit worse for wear - well that was until I got my mitts on it! Seeing as the bedroom is my room to chose the d├ęcor of, I have decided to go the whole country cottage Cath Kidston sort of print look.

Below is the finished article, for those eager to lay eyes on it

So, if you want to upcycle and have something that resembles above - all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Locate yourself an item of furniture that you'd like to customise, once you've found this make sure the surface is clean and dust free. Be aware some furniture may need to be sanded and primed before you undertake any alterations.

Once the above is done, you'll need to decide on your theme and what materials you will use to transform the look, I went for the good ol' paint and wallpaper combo - simple yet effective (not so costly either).
You'll need to make sure the paint that you chose is suitable for your furniture - the paint I used was an enamel paint suitable for wood and metal. Paint an even coat over the desired sections - it will end up looking something like this.

You can wait and see if you require a second coat of paint or; like me you can say to hell with it and move onto the next step - which in this case is wallpapering.

I used spray adhesive to stick the paper to the unit, and covered the outside of the unit like so

Once you've trimmed the edges you will then need to remove the back of the unit to either paint or paper.
I used a screw driver to prise it apart - I was lucky enough to be able to remove the nails and re-use them later on.

Again I decided to use wallpaper for the inside of the back, spray a coat of adhesive to the surface you want to paper.

Once it's all trimmed and papered it should look like this.

Now for the hard part is fixing the back back onto the unit.
Once it's all put back together here is the finished article.

Once it's finished I used a PVA glue/water combo and rolled it all over the unit.
The cost of this was than £15.00

Wallpaper - £4.99 - JTF
Paint - 99p - JTF
Spray adhesive - £2.99 - The Works
PVA Glue - £1.00 - The Pound Shop
Mini Roller set - £1.00 - The Pound Shop

So what do you guys think? Have you got any little projects on the go?