Monday, 22 July 2013

Me and my demons

I bet you're sitting there thinking what my demons are now aren't you? Well let me put you out of your misery and tell you.
For as long as I can remember it has always been something i've struggled with, it's never been easy and the motivation is somewhat fleeting at times. my demon is my weight and the confidence ~(or lack of) that goes with it. I've always been big, ever since I can remember i've never been the size of my peers - this never seemed to be an issue when I was little, it only started to affect me when I became a teenager -  time which is already tough for anyone to get on with.
At that age no one wants to stand out or be different to others, we all want to fit in and be in with the 'it' crowd (most which were a bunch of idiots to put it nicely), so being heavier was something people picked up on from the word go.

Fast forward a few (million) years, the story hasn't changed I still battle with this issue, granted people are a lot nicer these days and I don't have to worry about hearing THAT dreaded nickname being hollered at me across the playground. I still however have to deal with the biggest bully i've ever come across and that's myself. I'm forever picking out my flaws or finding something that i'm not happy with - after 24 (nearly 25) years of this I am once and for all doing something about it. In the past i've attempted to lose weight and have succeed, the most i've ever lost is 3 and half stone in 3 months (some going I know!) this was with the help of going to the gym an hour every day; whilst also following slimming world.
Now being a member of the adult work and working more hours than you can shake a stick at, I struggle to get to the gym and put in that effort. To combat this I am currently doing the 30 day shred (review will follow when complete) and slimming world, it is off to a slow start as granted i'm not following the plan down to a T (naughty), but my any means it is a vast improvement on before.

I have had 2 weigh ins since starting (again) and i've currently lost 4lbs 2 weeks - with my friends wedding around the corner, I feel the effort needs to be turned up full throttle as I have 2 dresses I need to fit into before the big day. I will be posting many more weightloss related posts so keep an eye out!