Thursday, 25 July 2013

Man Candy

We all have them, celeb crushes, dream boys - however you want to dress it up, we all have a man (or men in some cases) we like to ogle every now and again (am I right ladies?)
I, for one am no exception - no matter how much I tell my other half I don't (sorry), it's human nature for us to be attracted to  good looking human being.

Based on this, I have decided to post my Top 5 Man Candy, not of al time - but of the moment (It's in my nature to be indecisive), I would say it's in no particular order but that would be a total fib. So here goes ladies, feast your yes over some scrummy looking men (no need to thank me)

1): Henry Cavill

I don't mean him play Superman in the latest franchise (even though he looks rather dishy), I'm talking back in the days of The Tudors when he played the dashing Charles Brandon. Just look at that face - stop drooling ladies it's time to move on....

2): Chris Hemsworth

Another delicious looking fellow who seems to get better with age (if that is at all possible - his wife is one lucky lady!). Even during his Home and Away days playing Kim, Chris was a hottie. He bulked up for the role of Thor (best comic book hero ever!) and The Hunstman starring along side the most idiotic woman in the world (who would cheat on R-Patz?!), he deffiantly bought the eye candy to the film The cabin in the woods - which was a very disappointing film (Shame on you Joss Whedon).

3): Robert Pattinson (R-Patz)

Do I need an explanation? 

4): Seth Rogan

Look at how cute and adorable he is! It's not always just about looks that make some one attractive/eye candy. This guy brings the laughs! Yes, I have a thing for guys in suits and beards. I love a beard -boyfriend take note

And finally:

5): Chris Evans (and no not the ginger one)

Another super hero, this time a guy from my favourite era.

I hope you've enjoyed the man candy form an orderly queue - no pushing!