Monday, 22 July 2013

I do love a good bargain!

So who doesn't love a good bargain or two? I know I do, be it for make-up, clothes or even books - if I can save money I will.

You can find some total steals out there if you just look, they may not always be easy to find but if you take the time to look you'll get them.
Now, that i've waffled on a little let's get down to the actual post shall we?

The other day I paid a visit to the mecca of all that is holy - this fantastic place being Cheshire Oaks (I'm sure I love this place more than I should do!). There is much to love about this place, it pretty much caters for all tastes (if you've never been then I suggest you change this pronto!),  be this sports wear or even designer clobber!

I especially love the discount make-up store this is where I purchase ALL of my Mac products, why pay retail when you can get a discount? Watching the pennies is something i'm sure we are all doing at the moment, more so as the cost of living is rising (but wages aren't booo) and treating ourselves is much lower down the list of priorities for some. I'm lucky that at the moment I only have a house to pay for and not a family; so I can afford to buy luxuries - something i'm taking advantage of whilst I can.

I did pick up a few products whilst on my shopping trip, these being my gorgeous Mac lipstick and Mac blush. This is the first time I have purchase a Mac blush - so I look forward to testing this bad boy out. I will review both products at a later date and will include a few swatches for you lovely folk! For now you guys will have to settle for a few pictures!

Mac Sheen supreme Lipstick in shade - Supremely Confident

As you can see, it's a lush pale nude tone with a beautiful sheen not so wet you feel like you're going to drown; whilst not being so matt you feel your lips are dry - this is what I would call a happy medium. 

Mac Powder Blush in shade - Pink Cult

This blush is more on the peachy side than the pink end of the colour wheel, however it's not a shade I currently own and from what I have heard should have a high pigmentation (something i've had issues with in the past).

I promise i'll get my review post up ASAP for these beauties!