Wednesday, 24 July 2013

And so she strikes again!

By now I am sure we are all familiar with the (not so) lovely lady that is Katie Hopkins, what with her inability to love a ginger child (why? I WANT  a ginger baby) to that of refusing to let her children play with someone called Tyler (it's such a common name you know). Also, let us not forget THAT video (see below if you haven't viewed it already)

The very loud and somewhat obnoxious woman has decided to lash out (once again) on more innocent victims - this time on the beautiful Kelly Brooke and other equally as gorgeous working mothers. Being a working mother is darn hard work (I don't know first hand - I have no children) but a lot of my close friends fit into this category; I find it highly disgusting that such a woman could point a finger to such a vast proportion of woman and brand them lazy if they are not a size 8 (how she works this out I don't know) why to go on destroying someone's body confidence or personal perception of themselves. Being a size 8 doesn't not mean you're not lazy; I have friends who are size 8 and are bone idle when it comes to going to the the gym or exercising (no offence guys!), so that remark holds no value.

Another point to make here is any woman be them single or in a relationship, who has children and works - in my eyes is far from lazy. Can you imagine how much these women juggle on a daily basis? I struggle to work full time and keep the house in some sort of order so I can not for a moment fathom how they cope. I for one applaud the working mothers, the mothers providing for their children, the mothers teaching their children god morals and ethics, the very women who have made a decision which at times i'm sure is more difficult than we can known until we are in that situation.

So what do you guys think? is she right or is she once again alienating another group of people?

For those who haven't read the article a link to it is below:

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