Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A girl's got to have dreams...

We all have dreams or wishes - things we want or sometimes need (yes sometimes we just need a diamond or two to make us feel better), currently I have a wish list as long as my left arm. I have hinted and hinted to the other half but to no such luck (why are men so rubbish at picking up hints?) so instead I thought i'd share the list with the whole world and ask you guys, what is on your wish list?

My number one item I need in my life right now is the Real techniques Core collection and starter set.

Core Collection

Starter Set

Yes, I know I'm slow off the starting block with these sets, but i've always used cheaper brushes and i'm feeling the time is now to invest in a good quality set - as the cheaper just aren't cutting it. I have heard great things about both of these products from bloggers alike, the fact the mind (The beautiful Samantha Chapman)  behind these uses these brushers herself and achieves some amazing results on her youtube channel Pixiwoo . I suggest that you check this channel out (if you haven't already) which is co-run with Sam and her sister Nic. They have some amazing looks on there and the videos are easy to follow, can't beat picking up a few new tips.

My second top most wanted item is the super cute MAC lipstick (seems to be THE must have item at the moment) Candy Yum Yum.

The shade of this lipstick is gorgeous - I don't usually like bright lipsticks (let alone pink) but for this beauty I'll gladly make an exception. Far too many people I know now have this lipstick - the fact I don't makes me want it even more, I may even pay retail for this (shocker!) - that's how much I love it.

Moving on from make-up but still staying with beauty theme, the next item on my list is the heavenly scent that is Viktor and Rolph's fragrance - Flower Bomb.

The scent is amazing, usually I'm not a fan of floral notes but with this perfume, it works. The smell of flowers isn't to over powering (probably why I love it so much) with the added hint of sweet tones makes this a total must for me. My usual pefume suspects are Vera Wang - Princess, the Britney Speares range (hey, it smells good ok!), Nina Ricci - Nina and the oh so fresh and citrusy DKNY - Woman. As you can see, i'm a huge fan of the sweet/sickly smelling scents, added this to the collection would be a welcome change.

The next item is something I have lusted after for years and years, my goal in life is to actually own one of these at some point (i'd gladly be poor for a few months if it meant I could hold one in my arms)  and i'm determined to achieve this. If you haven't guess what the item is already i'll just go right a head and share - it's a Burberry Mac/trench.

This is a must have staple in anyone's capsule wardrobe. This coat is one item I can say hand on heart will never go out of fashion, it's such a classic and versatile look - this coat would go with literally anything!
I will drop hints until I am blue in the face for this, if I had to choose between this and an engagement ring (NO i'm not getting married anytime soon before anyone asks) I know what i'd rather.

Speaking of rings the last item I am sharing with you is devine! So simple but oh so chick it's one of the newer releases from Pandora - it reminds me of a princess crown .

It's easily my new favourite ring of all time the moment, i've been promised this as a gift so fingers crossed it will be gracing my not so delicate hands soon.

What does everyone else have on their wish lists?